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Villa Sandi and export director Flavio Geretto featured on Wine Meridian

Above (from left): Villa Sandi export manager Flavio Geretto with Folio Fine Wine Partners Italian specialists Daniele Sbordi and Vincent Trapozzano in New York at the recent Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri tasting.

We just had to share the following post, published this week by wine writer Fabio Piccoli on the popular Wine Meridien website in Italy: “Villa Sandi, alle radici delle diverse anime del Prosecco” (“Villa Sandi and the Roots of Prosecco’s Different souls”).

It’s a great piece on the diversity of the Prosecco DOCG’s production zone and how Villa Sandi has become a leader in premium Prosecco production by making wines from a wide variety of Prosecco sub-zones — like Cartizze (the tip of the Prosecco “pyramid”) and Asolo, for example.

But the thing we liked the best about the article was its take on Villa Sandi export director Flavio Geretto (above, left), who, we agree, is one of the world’s leading experts on Prosecco and one of the most gifted tasters in the field.

“Flavio is of the most authoritative Prosecco ambassadors in the world and one of Prosecco’s true globetrotters,” wrote Piccoli. “Just follow him on Instagram and he’ll take you all over the world in a flash. Along the way, he’ll tell you the story of Italy’s great sparkling wines across the continents.”

While visiting the Villa Sandi estate, he recounts, “Flavio not only led us through the different categories of Prosecco produced by Villa Sandi but he also taught us about the different production areas where they are made. And most importantly, he helped us to understand that there is an incredible connection between production area and the character of the wines — something that is still not well known unfortunately” (italics ours).

Flavio will be returning to the U.S. later this year and he’ll be leading a series of Prosecco tastings for trade members. Stay tuned for details on his trip and tour! We’re confident that you won’t regret getting the opportunity to taste with him.


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