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New online resource helps restaurants turn wine cellars into cash.

Bartender at wine cellar full of bottles with exquisite alcohol drinks that have various sweet and sour tastes and dates of manufacture on large wooden shelves.

Last week we came across this article, “A New Website Is Helping NYC Restaurants Sell Off Their Wine Cellars,” on InsideHook.

In the piece, the author describes a new online resource that is helping restaurants to liquidate their wine cellars.

Since the time of publication, the online portal has partnered with the app Coast to form “Takeout COVID” whose mission is to “help save local restaurants and bars.”

Their partnership is part of the new wave of creative solutions aimed at keeping restaurants in business. Across the food and beverage industry, cash-starved owners and furloughed employees are looking for ways to stay afloat until restrictions are lifted and their businesses can open again.

If you’re a restaurateur or bar owner, please have a look (see link above). It’s a much-needed resource in these challenging times. We’re glad to be posting the link here. Please share if you work in the food and beverage industry.

Thank you and stay safe!

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