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New Borgo Conventi videos added!

In May of last year, the historic Borgo Conventi winery joined the Villa Sandi family of estates.

One of Friuli’s most celebrated farms, Borgo Conventi is renowned for the high-quality affordable wines it grows and vinifies, including its legendary Friulano and Schioppettino — both native grape varieties of Friuli.

Last month, Villa Sandi export director Flavio Geretto and winemaker Stefano Gava took time out to create a series of educational videos featuring the winery and explaining why it is such a magical place to grow wine in the region (the estate’s vineyards are pictured in the photo above).

You can view all of the videos here (or by clicking the link in the menu above).

And don’t forget that Flavio and Stefano have also published a similar series of videos devoted to the wines of Villa Sandi here.

Buona visione, as they say in Italian! Enjoy the show!

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