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Villa Sandi ad featured in June edition of Wine Spectator.

Check out this month’s edition of Wine Spectator for Villa Sandi’s full-page ad (below).

First published by M. Shanken Communications in 1976, Wine Spectator is the premier wine and lifestyle magazine in the U.S. and it offers its readers some of the best wine writing in the world today.

Villa Sandi’s ad features the winery’s Prosecco Il Fresco and photos of the estate’s iconic Palladian-style villa (the “Villa Sandi” that gives the winery its name).

The Villa Sandi is located in the heart of the giardino di Venezia (the “garden of Venice”), a part of the Veneto region renowned for its rich agriculture and winemaking traditions. Much of the historic Venetian Republic’s wealth was built on the natural resources found in this wondrous farmland.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to appear in the pages of this iconic masthead!

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