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Villa Sandi hosts WSET seminars for international wine experts.

At the end of August, Villa Sandi and the estate’s international brand ambassador Diva Moretti Polegato hosted a group of 35 wine professionals from across the world for a series of Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) seminars. Italian and international journalists and wine professionals from all over Europe gathered at the winery’s iconic Villa Sandi (a 17th-century Palladian villa) for the WSET 2 level of wine education (the second of four levels).

Founded in London in 1969, WSET is the world’s gold standard for wine education today and is widely considered the leading resource for wine professionals who wish to enrich their knowledge, hone their tasting skills, and advance their careers.

“The WSET study program,” said Diva, “represents an opportunity for personal and professional growth for our partners and our colleagues here at the winery. Its objective is to infuse and develop in-depth education not only about the wines but also about individual appellations and the world of wine in general. And it all takes place with a winery as backdrop.”

“These seminars represent an occasion to share a stimulating experience with a group of foreign wine experts,” added Diva, the current generation of this family-owned winery.

“In another era, these villas weren’t just centers of agricultural activities. They also served as the backdrop for cultural and convivial gatherings for the local community. So in many ways, Villa Sandi was reviving and fulfilling a longstanding mission by hosting these sessions.”

She was referring to the cultural, literary, and artistic “salons” that were once regularly organized on the grounds of Venetian villas like the Villa Sandi. Known as cenacoli (from the Latin word for dining room), they were commonly held during the 15th through 18th centuries when the city-state of Venice was at the height of its power. Today, Villa Sandi is a leader in promoting wine culture throughout the world. This event, which was held in strict accordance with social distancing protocols, was the latest example of the winery’s efforts to foster wine education in Italy and abroad.

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