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Villa Sandi “Architecturally Stunning” (Wine Enthusiast)

“In Crocetta del Montello, the heart of Prosecco country,” writes top American wine writer Lauren Mowery this month for Wine Enthusiast, “Villa Sandi pops against a backdrop of lush, emerald-hued hills. Built in 1622, the regal winery structure represents an approach to design conceptualized by influential architect Andrea Palladio, whose compositions incorporated order and symmetry to pay homage to classical antiquity.”

“Today, the family-owned estate is recognized as much for its profound regional connection as it is for its wines. The property immediately impresses with its grandiose neoclassical promenade. Adorned with statues by Venetian sculptor Orazio Marinali, it leads to a wide and grand pronaos, a vestibule enclosed by Ionian columns, like that of classical Greek or Roman temples. The interior is just as striking, characterized by elegant stuccos, bas-reliefs and Murano-made chandeliers.”

Villa Sandi was thrilled to be included in this wonderful article by Ms. Mowery, one of the most dynamic wine writers active in the U.S. today.

“It’s hardly surprising,” she notes, “that wine and architectural design have many times been linked. Indeed, some of the world’s most beautiful buildings are wineries.”

Villa Sandi is located in what was once called “The Garden of Venice,” the countryside where in centuries past, nobles and wealthy families from Venice used to own magnificent villas. Situated in the center of large estates, they were used as summer homes. They also hosted cultural gatherings with poets and musicians.

The Moretti Polegato family, owner of Villa Sandi, has been making wine in “the Garden of Venice” for generations. They are proud to revive the ancient role of the Venetian villas. Over the years, they have transformed the Villa Sandi into a leading wine producer and one of the wine world’s cultural landmarks.

Open to the public for guided tours and tastings, Villa Sandi provides a 360-degree wine experience including history, art, terroir, landscape, and wine culture. Villa Sandi isn’t just a Venetian icon: The winery and its wines are also a symbol of the Italian lifestyle. 

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