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Villa Sandi Celebrates Love on Valentine’s Day.

Villa Sandi Celebrates Love on Valentine’s Day

“Never seek to tell thy love,
Love that never told can be
For the gentle wind does move,
Silently, invisibly.
—William Blake

On Valentine’s Day this year, the lines of poetry above remind us that love is made of magic, sensations, images, and aromas.

And on this day, the aromas and flavors of our wines make us think about these sensations.

The tender and seductive tonality of our Prosecco DOC Rosé reminds us that love is tenderness.

Pink is the color of blossoming trees in springtime, a promise for the future, just like love stories that have just begun. A new love is a new spring, a rebirth.

Villa Sandi’s Prosecco DOC Rosé combines freshness, the flavors of spring with the floral and fruity notes of Prosecco together with those of small red fruits, pomegranate and the rose notes found in Pinot Nero.

Love is strong, imperious, bullish, but also tender. Just like our red wine Còrpore. Made from Merlot grapes, it’s a red wine with great intensity, confident and rich in texture but also velvety thanks to polished tannins.

Love is also patiently waiting, the slow construction of time, just like our Metodo Classico Opere Trevigiane. Made from Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes, it ages in our underground cellars at Villa Sandi for a period ranging from 3-7 years. Refined and elegant bubbles made complex through the magic of time and notes of bread crust and hazelnut. For special occasions and for setting the right mood.

Love is also capricious. It moves fast like the ballet of lively bubbles from the dense and lingering perlage of our Cartizze La Rivetta. A cru that captures and enhances the best qualities of Valdobbiadene Superiore. This is the happy product of the synergy between man, vine, and land.

Every one of our wines is a love story, the fruit of passion of devotion in over grape cluster we pick, in every bottle produced.

With love from Villa Sandi to all the lovers and wine lovers of the world.

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