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Prosecco vintage notes 2021.

From Villa Sandi winemaker Stefano Gava:

The vegetative cycle started a bit late this year. During budding, around April 7 and 8, there was frost and temperatures that reached -4° C. During the flowering and fruit set, the temperatures continued to stay very low, with plentiful rainfall. During the months of June and July, the temperature rose again to their regular levels for summer. The hottest weather arrived in the first two weeks of August. The ripening started about 10-15 days later than the previous year, with the grapes in good health and a promise of high quality. We began picking some of our white grapes on August 25 and we picked our Glera during the first 10 days of September. The quality of the grapes was very good, with really wonderful aromatic profile. Production levels will be slightly lower than last year but we are extremely happy with the results.

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