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Villa Sandi and Allegrini partner to create an exclusive wine bar at the Venice airport.

The partnership between the two historic wineries will give live to a new concept that will offer travelers an immersive experience with top Veneto wines.

We are getting ready to “take off” at Marco Polo Airport in Venice: A new wine bar where guests will get to experience and taste the wines of Villa Sandi and Allegrini from Verona. The venue will celebrate the partnership between two of the greatest wines from Veneto — Prosecco and Amarone — and two of the region’s leading ambassadors of Italian wine. Their synergy has a common goal: To communicate and encourage the discovery of products from one of Europe’s most visited regions. Veneto isn’t just known as a region where innovation and development flourish. It’s also renowned for its winemaking traditions, which have ancient roots.

The venue will be located in the departures area of the airport, a site that connects peoples and different cultures from countries near and far. And the large, comfortable space will make it easy for people to socialize and chat around a glass of wine.

The Venice airport is often the first place where travelers get to experience the city. In a sense, it’s the city’s calling card. Venice is known not just for its breathtaking views and its unique ambiance. It’s also an icon of Italy culture throughout the world. The city represents a place where two wine regions come together, two estates that preserve a centuries-old tradition of flavors, knowledge, and know-how.

Valpolicella and the top areas for Prosecco production are just an hour away from the Venice airport, the fourth busiest airport in Italy. “Marco Polo,” as it’s known in Italy, is the perfect showcase to communicate and promote two wine regions where a growing number of wine lovers from around the world like to visit.

“This space is the fruit of a project we have created together with the Allegrini winery,” says Giancarlo Moretti Polegato, president of Villa Sandi. “It’s scope is to promote a partnership between top producers so that we can tell the story of two wine regions that have many elements in common. Our wines come from two territories where there is a long and distinguished tradition of winemaking. Both areas have grown significantly over the last two decades. This trend has been made possible thanks to a tireless quest for quality, to our great commitment to promoting our region’s wines, and our desire to share with the world the tradition and products of our land. This project, which will introduce international travelers to top Veneto wines, is finally getting the greenlight thanks to the return of tourism. It will be extremely rewarding to host a world eager to discover the beauty and secrets of this generous land.”

“The Allegrini and Villa Sandi wine bar at the Venice airport,” says Marilisa Allegrini, president of the eponymous winery in Fumane in the heart of Valpolicella Classica, “represents more than just the synergy between two of the most important wineries in Veneto. These are two historic estates known throughout the world and they both share a heartfelt message of hope. In such a difficult period for all of humanity, and for Europe in in particular, making wine the visible center of attention in such an evocative place as Venice reflects our steadfast believe in the future of relationships, of exchanges, and the sharing of experiences. Throughout history, wine has always been a symbol of friendship and peace. And this is what shapes Allegrini and Villa Sandi’s commitment and devotion to this project.  

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